Choosing the Right Exterior Painting Toronto Contractors

Contractors come and go, but they will leave behind what amount of work you have entrusted them to do. For the most part, they might have been cooperative, but until they left the work scene, you can’t be sure that they will not mess up that painting job on the exterior of your house. Who would want his house looking like a sore thumb in the neighborhood? No one, of course. That is why it is necessary to know well your exterior painting Toronto contractors before you hire them.

Sounds easy? You bet it is. Here are some of the things that you need to look for in exterior painting contractors:

  • Professionalism – To better understand how it works with painters, let us cite an example.

Bill doesn’t know anyone who offers painting services in Toronto so he browsed the internet and clicked on a link of a company that provides exterior house painting Toronto area. After perusing the website’s pages, he decided to contact the company for a quote through email.

It took five days before Bill received a reply. It surprised him how much the cost of painting job would require him but he went with it anyway. Bill follows a strict schedule and would want to have the exterior painting Toronto contractors finished two days before a party that will be held in his house.

On the first day of the project, the contractors arrived late with profuse excuses. Because they are way behind the schedule now, the exterior painters Toronto contractors went straight to brush up the walls with paint. The day they left, there are telltale signs of a hurried painting job such as newspapers lying on the ground and a few cans of latex tucked in a corner. On the day of the party, someone commented on how sticky the paint is when touched, and that it tends to fall off.

Do you know what is missing in the picture? Professionalism. Fortunately, you do not have to work with the same painters Bill had dealt with. There are still some exterior painting Toronto contractors that have their professional work ethics intact. They are always on time and they make sure that they leave nothing but quality work. They inspect the house thoroughly to see what painting requirements are fit for your property. They also cooperate with you and give you reasonable estimate of the job.

  • Flexibility – Let us say Julie bought an old house in a residential area. As with all the other houses that have seen better days, the said property needs a facelift. Julie decided to deal with the interiors first as they need to move in right away. When the time came to finally focus on the exteriors, she realized that her budget is way below most estimates for a painting job. What does she needs to do? Contact an exterior house painting Toronto company that can work out the project with a tight budget.

Now you might be intrigued. How does one find that particular company? True, it is rare for most painting contractors to agree with your limited budget. Hence, all you have to do is to ask nicely. Some companies may create an individualized package based on their clients’ financial capacity. This they do without compromising quality. Others may also provide flexible payment options through credit cards and postdated cheques.

Always remember that the cost of the painting job depends on three things: the brand of paints they use, the deadline for the job, and the number of surfaces that need to be painted. Try canvassing for quotes first to see which company offers the price that is near the amount you are willing to spend.

  • Expertise – Let us cite another example. Bob owns a renovated house. It has old brick walls surrounding the property and has both stucco and wood sidings. Though he is an expert in DIY projects, he opted to hire the services of an exterior painting Toronto company, thinking that it will save time and money.

The contractors went on to work. By the end of the painting job, they charged Bob twice for doing up the stucco and wood sidings, as well as the brick walls. The company reasoned that the paints used for the exteriors vary according to the surface type.

Is this true? Yes, it is. But that does not always mean you will be charged for more. What you will need is a company that has expertise in painting all kinds of surfaces—stucco, brick, aluminum, vinyl and wood. If the job is convincing and the paint stays put, then that is the time they can charge you a little more than what you would pay for a single-surface painting job.

Expertise translates to high-quality service so make sure the company shows you its portfolio especially if your property has multiple varied surfaces. Many of the exterior painting companies in Toronto have put up their websites which include before-and-after photos of their previous clients’ properties. Always check these out so you can have an idea what your house would look like when painted a specific color as well as compare it with other properties.

A few other exterior painters Toronto companies also provide pre-painting services such as crack repairs, mold or mildew removal, as well as caulking and waterproofing exterior windows and doors. Make sure to avail these services if you cannot fix these issues on your own. They make paint last longer and prevent surface damage.

  • Credibility – Most of the time, people ask for referrals when dealing with house projects. This is because they know that there are individuals out there who can do better jobs than themselves. Often they would ask their family or friends for recommendations, and you can guarantee their honest opinion.

If you are looking for exterior painters Toronto area, do not rule out the suggestions of your contacts. More often than not, they are among the best contractors in your neighborhood. Plus, they can give you a discount when they learn that they have been referred by someone you know.