Home Renovations and Painting


Home painting does give a tired room a new style. It is an inexpensive way to add a breath of fresh air or to renovate your home.  You can do-it-yourself or use house painters in Toronto to help you find the right color and sheen, paint the ceiling, and design a focal point.




Paint comes oil base or latex and includes many sheens or lusters. Latex is the most common paint type and provides ease of clean up and long lasting durability. Latex paint fade resistant and does breathe a bit better than oil. Most of the walls in your home should be latex. However, if you love the shine and sealing power of oil based paint consider using oil based paints for real wood moldings and trimming.



  • A good rule of thumb to use is the glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean up after painting. If you have small children, you will want a high sheen paint. Those digs and dings in your walls, however will show up with a glossy paint, and glossy paints can be obnoxiously shiny.


  • Semi-gloss is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms and is great on trims. Semi-gloss is a bit cheaper than glossy finish paints and is a great alternative to high shine on walls.


  • Satin sheens are just what they say – satiny smooth. If you want some gloss, but a paint that cleans easily, satin sheens are perfect.


  • Walls that have imperfections are best with a coat of matte or flat paint. You can usually use one coat of paint with a flat sheen. Flat sheens, however, do not stand up to a good cleaning and do tend to show dirt more.


  • The most popular sheen is eggshell. It hides imperfections like flat paints but is easier to wash and much more durable.




Use an off-white or white color if you are trying to be neutral. There are thousands of color schemes that will look awesome for what you really want. Change the feeling in any room in your home with just a little paint. You can always vary the shades to create a mood. Check with Vancouver home painters to get their opinions on the shades and sheens that work best in your area.


To create an elegant look in your home use neutral colors. These colors are not just whites or beige, but use red toned browns and almond walls, add splashes of color throughout the room with pillows or vases. Bring new texture to your walls. Home painting is more than just splashing paint on walls. It is texturizing, decorating and designing.


If you want your home to look vibrant and totally renovated, house painters in Toronto know how to paint walls with oranges, reds and dark purples. Professional painters are expert in understanding the complimentary colors for vibrant hues and will help you select the best colors from the color wheel.


Painting ceilings takes a master’s touch. House painters in Toronto are expert at painting ceilings plus keeping paint off the furniture and floors. House painting can be fun, but you do need some help and using Toronto house painters will be the best money you can spend.