interior woodwork

The woodwork inside your home – skirting boards, doors, door frames, architraves, windows and their frames and sills, and even picture frames – gives an opportunity to make a stylish statement with color.

While the main walls of any room should keep a classic, neutral color palette that will remain fresh to your eye, woodwork can highlight the home’s special architectural features.

Some woodwork is not necessarily a feature that you want to highlight; you can match cupboard or closet doors to the color of the walls to make them blend in. Then choose a single complementary or contrasting colour for the remaining woodwork to draw attention to special features. We recommend a single colour to highlight woodwork, to create a sense of continuity and flow throughout the area.

Don’t overlook white as a colour for woodwork! At Courtney and Wise, we’ve put fresh white trim on walls of rich apricot or periwinkle blue for an elegant look. You can also use near color matches – eggshell and taupe, for example, or dove grey with charcoal grey. Carefully-chosen strong contrasting colours can make a bold, contemporary statement. For spring, berry shades that bring a pink cast to neutrals are a soft, muted colour scheme that looks fresh.