Our ceilings never get much more than an rising quick look until the abuse of a smoking fireplace and a few old roof leaks takes it’s fee on that once brilliant space above our heads. Now it is time for that long tardy job…
A list of things to do the job: 
Step ladder
5 Gal. bucket
Paint screen or grid
9 inch roller frame
1/2 inch nap roller cover
Roller extension pole
Three inch nylon/polyester brush
Plastic sheeting
Drop cloths of old bed sheets
Ceiling paint
Preparing the room. First place all the furniture in the middle of the room, make enough room between large pieces and the wall to so you can fit a step ladder. Position smaller pieces in several groups leaving space between them. This will give you easier access to the ceiling when starting to paint the ceiling. Cover everything (furniture and other things that you don’t want paint on) with plastic, thin 1/2 mil plastic works best. Put drop cloths or old bed on the floor around the groups of furniture. Spot prime spots like water stains with a stain killing primer. These primer/sealers are available at any paint or hardware store. Some brands offer a convenient spray can with an upward spraying nozzle.

Set up and paint.
Now that everything is covered up and spot primed you can prepare to paint. Pour the ceiling paint into the pail leaving about a quart of paint in one can to use with the brush. Brush a three or four inch line around the edges of the ceiling being careful not to paint too low on the wall or crown molding, don’t forget to brush around the light fixture.

Ready and roll. 
Hang the paint screen on the inside rim of the pail. Insert the roller cover on the frame and attach the roller frame to an extension pole or screw in mop handle. Load the roller by daubing it into the pail or tray with paint, remove any excess paint with a few strokes on the paint screen. Roll out a big W pattern on the ceiling starting the roller in a corner and about a foot from the wall. Reload the roller and fill in the pattern from the outer edge working toward the wall, be sure to roll into the brushed paint line at the wall. Roll out and fill another W pattern next to the one you just completed and slightly overlap the previously painted section. Repeat this technique until you have covered the entire ceiling.

Once finished the room will be noticeably brighter and that upward glance may turn into a smile.