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Modern Solutions offers industrial painting contracting services whereas in every project that we are handling, we strive to attain some important points for our customers. First is to provide safe place and a clean work environment for everyone in the company.  Next is to make sure that all your equipment and facilities are secured, protected, and preserved. This is to ensure not just the smooth operation of the company but also the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our clients. We employ reliable painting contractors and skilled industrial spray painters who can work in a fast face environment to finish the project right on time at reasonable

We utilized proper equipment and skills that are required in painting a commercial building. Depending on the demands of the company, they may ask to paint the building on a very professional way. No matter how big or small the commercial building or establishment is, we have a proper planning and intensive attention to every details for a high quality paint job that will result to a professional  output.

We are serving and offering industrial painting in Toronto, and Great Toronto Area. We have our professional and skilled industrial painters in Toronto which specializing in Metal Deck Ceiling Painting, Painting & Spray Painting, Industrial/Commercial Painting, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Factories, Industrial Plants, and Manufacturing Facilities, and Building Cleaning & Restoration as well as Interiors & Exteriors, Large Commercial Buildings, and Warehouses.

Types of Projects

Our company has wide range services in interior and exterior industrial painting projects such as:

  • Power plants & manufacturing facilities
  • Concrete floor coatings
  • Floor lines & markings
  • Industrial buildings & units

Aside from these, we also prepare, refine and refinish most of industrial surfaces such as ceilings, walls, floors, concrete floors, paneling, corrugated steel panels, and cladding. We also cater storage tanks & linings, galvanized metal, and epoxy floor coatings

Methods & Equipment Utilization

The success and long lasting quality of our projects is because of the proper and careful surface preparation. Before taking any actions, analyzing and processing the surfaces should be done  by using the appropriate methods that includes the following:

  • Hot/cold power washing
  • Sandblasting
  • Steam cleaning
  • Chemical treatments
  •  Abrasion
  • Shot-blasting for concrete floors.

We make sure the protection of surrounding surfaces by covering or masking it off as needed, and leaving our job area clean and organized.

We specialize in high-volume spray painting in Toronto using high-performance coatings. Using spray painting, it offers the maximum speed, efficiency of work, and quality output, especially in area like 3D surface and delinquent access points. We also utilized the use of brush and roller techniques when it is preferably need for more efficient work.

Being professional and recognize industrial painters, we are able and capable of working in different industrial situations, such as high-rise exteriors & delinquent access interiors area. Using wide range aerial-lift platforms by our crews as preferably needed to reach and access any area of your facility and assuring a safe and proper job well done.

Paint and Materials Utilization

We use wide variety of high quality paints and materials. Each and every paints and materials are carefully and well matched according to the application, intended use and for long lasting effectiveness.  The following are the latest generation of paints/coating that generally use in projects.

Professional Managing Project

We value your time, money and expected quality standard of the project that why we have experiences project manager that will professionally manage the project. Making disruptions and other unwanted activities are strictly avoided to your business, employees and occupants.

Spray Painting Toronto

Modern Solutions uses technology-based equipments and methods for rendering a fast and high quality services. We serve customers at their utmost needs.  We provide spray painting Toronto services at affordable prices using high grade materials for excellent results.

High quality and fast services is what we value for the satisfaction of our customers. The company uses an easy and time saving method of painting commercial buildings through spray painting. We specialize in decorating and spray printing for commercial buildings Toronto.

Businesses establishments who are looking forward to expand their commercial enterprise through moving into new build or planning to refurbish their current exteriors or interiors to give them a new look and feel can rely to the service of the company.  We, at Media Solutions focus in giving new and more appealing look to every project we handle. We offer spray painting as its one of the most appealing and thorough method utilized for decorating.

Among the wide range of services the company provides to their growing customers base, including construction companies, local authorities and architects, they are experts when it comes to spray painting services. This method of decorating is the most suitable one for giving a new look and finish to most commercial establishments of today. It can cover large areas thoroughly and efficiently. Compared to the traditional way of painting, spray painting can cover all areas and leave a clean looking surface once the paint has already dried.

Modern Solutions comprises a team of well trained and dedicated spray painters who offers complete finished painting projects, distributing paint evenly on all areas that need to be covered and tackle even the hard to get areas like ceilings or corners. Spray painting is a high standard painting method that is generally apt to all types of commercial buildings as it has the ability to provide professional appearance which is necessary for attracting customers as well as giving employees and great sense of pride in their working areas. Right paintwork is one of the contributing factors that commercial sectors need to focus on for them to create a good impression to their customers.

Modern Solutions’ spray painting services as well as other industrial painting services are flexible in different kinds or surfaces. Our industrial painters’ use paints that cover both exteriors and interiors and the materials we use are graded with high quality and performance that gives lasting impressions to customers. Those who want to transform the outside and inside of their commercial building easier on the eye can go to the company for a reliable and professional industrial painters Toronto.


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